Erik Högström

Current projects

Taggotagg!                                                                                                                                                                      The Taggotagg! gallery events are meant to be sprawling meetings with elements of inspiring artistical expressions and discussions. Welcoming, playful, unruly and political pieces side by side with stuff with an air of subtle expressions and nuances… This means any art form. A Taggotagg! salon is mostly consisting several artist’s works. the Taggotagg! events has, since the start in 2014, been held at Friisgatan 16, Suellska villan, Galleri 21 and Molekyl gallery in Malmö. See more photos in the Photos and stuff gallery!

Taggotagg! 2, grpbild, h upplösn. Laszlo F. – Version 2   IMG_4600 Taggotagg! 2. Most participators outside Hipstore/Friisgatan 16 in Malmö. April 2014. Photo (edited): Laszlo Fodorpataki.   Left: Taggotagg! 10. Friisgatan 16 in Malmö in April 2016. The swedish soundpainting orchestra. Photo: Karin Winnerholt.


Écran -an analog synth music project                                                                                                                          The analogue synth project in which I am finding my way into making synth music, using sequencers, analog synths and an organ or two to create melodical voices and a personal electronical sound. The music could be described as old school synth pop/kraut/minimalism. There are mostly some soloists involved in the concerts. Some of the involved guest musicians, this far: Rasmus Alkestrand, Per Lindmark, Elina Nygren, Jonatan Sersam, Ying-Hsueh Chen, Sara Wilén, Erik Rask, Imad Al Tamimi and Elin Waileth. Two studio recorded pieces:    &

Malin Isberg   DSC02534 (1)        Top left: Together with Rasmus Alkestrand and Jonatan Sersam at Goodnight sun in Västra hamnen of Malmö 2018. Photo: Malin Isberg.  Top right: At Far i hatten in Malmö 2015, together with (from left) Rasmus Alkestrand, Per Lindmark, Elina Nygren, EH and Elin Waileth.  




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