Calendar/Past tense

September 2024.          Composition for 15 buildings surrounded by nature  This project, which I run together with Karl Ingar Röys (a Norwegian artist living in Berlin), has its starting point in an audio visual interpretation of the trading place in Kjerringöy, Norway. Live presentation of a musical piece, made by local artists and musicians, at the trading place in Kjerringöy as a part of the Bodö biennale.

May 2o23.                  Water walk. A ceremony to celebrate water as the crucial element it is for mankind and nature. A group of 10 pers, lead by Felicia Konrad, walked slowly by the sea on the Ribersborg beach in Malmö.

February 2o23           Concert together with Nos (Fredrik Holm) in St Pauli church in Malmö.

January 2o22             Building up the new Écran music studio in my apartment in Malmö.

October 2o21            The film Precious balance walk was shown at Malmö art hall/ Konsthallen in Malmö. Panel discussion, in which I was a part.

September 2o21       The film Precious balance walk was shown at Panora in Malmö. Panel discussion, in which I was a part.

August 2o21              The Throne – Our desire to own water/nature. A performance art piece on owning and commercializing water. A co work together with the “Water is instinct”-project, run by Felicia Konrad and Johan Haugen. Participating artists: Annou Nilson, Alicia D’ailly, Lisa Nyberg, Felicia Konrad, Johan Haugen and EH. Ribersborg beach, close to Kallbadhuset in Malmö.

July 2o21                   The film Precious balance walk won a European Short Film Festival award for BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM. Berlin

June 2o21                  The film Precious balance walk won an ARFF Paris award for BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM.

May-Oct 2o21            Building up the new Allmogen music studio at Ystadvägen 23. A new, bigger room for all our analogue synths, organs and gear. The 200 m2 studio is shared with Carl Granqvist.

December 2o2o         Water Walk  -a guided meditation. A deep listening and walk by the sea. Led by Felicia Konrad on the Ribersborg beach in Malmö.

Autumn 202o            Studio music recordings together with Allmogen (Kenneth Andersson and Dan Johansson). Friisgatan in Malmö.

July 2o2o                   Écran together with Nos and Samuel Lundström. Live at Slottsträdgårdens kafé in Malmö.

Autumn 2019            Studio music recordings together with Rasmus Alkestrand. Friisgatan in Malmö.

September 2019       Interview in Friends of the earth’s (Jordens vänner i Sverige) magazine, Miljötidningen about my engagement in sustainable thinking and artistical creativity.

September 2o19       Dadaistic/absurdistic performance together with Nos (Fredrik Holm) and Dick Heijkensköld at gallery Tikotin. During the Gallery night in Malmö.

August 2019             Precious balance walk -a film project made through by I Still Live in Water (Felicia Konrad and Johan Haugen). 6 Nordic Performance Artists were invited to perform in water and with water making individual pieces. Erik Högström, Lisa Nyberg (Swe) Joakim Stampe (Swe) Elena Lundquist Ortiz (Den) Meri Nikula (Fin) Ignacio Pérez (Fin/Ven) Filmed at Ribersborg beach in Malmö.

July 2019                  Yoga-music on live synths together with Rasmus Alkestrand. A special yoga class as a part of the Malmö Pride week.  Yoga Kendra in Malmö.

March 2019              Svedjesång/ Écran, Taggotagg! 17. together with Nos (Fredrik Holm), Hanna-Maria Strand, Sally O’Neill, Alex Berg Hillevi Hillerud. Molekyl gallery in Malmö.

February 2019         Svedjesång/ Écran in Johanneskyrkan in Malmö together with Nos (Fredrik Holm), Baby Sage (Miranda Gjerstad), Daniel Jeremiah Persson, Åsa Gjerstad, Rasmus Alkestrand, Doris Bengtsson, Sally O’Neill, Alex Berg, Kristian Nihlén, Henrik Wallin. St John’s church (Johanneskyrkan) in Malmö.

January 2019          Écran live in Allhelgonakyrkan in Lund together with Nos (Fredrik Holm), Baby Sage (Miranda Gjerstad) and Daniel Jeremiah. Allhelgonakyrkan/ Eter festival in Lund.

October 2018        Taggotagg! 16. Lê Quan Ninh (Fr) made a percussion improvisation and Ying-Hsueh Chen conducted a newly written choir piece. Molekyl gallery in Malmö.

August 2018           Water walk. A ceremony to celebrate water as the crucial element it is for mankind and nature. A group of 20 pers, lead by Felicia Konrad, walked slowly by the sea, southover with start from Ribersborgs kallbadhus in Malmö.

July 2018                Écran at Goodnight sun. A concert together with Jonatan Sersam (synths), Rasmus Alkestrand (sitar) and Peter Tegnér (guitar). Close to “Hoppbryggan”, Västra hamnen in Malmö. See Documentation

June 2018               Écran live together with Ying-Hsueh Chen (percussion). Sound spaces -a contemporary music festival. Gallery 21 in Malmö.

May 2018                Tefra -installation performance together with Lotta Widebeck. Klubb Kristallen at Klaffbron in Malmö.

Feb-March 2018     Land art sessions in Pildammsparken and Slottsparken with the Eileen Laurie group.

November 2017      Stund – a large scale music improvisation put together by Herman Müntzing. I sang and made some impro story telling, played on various objects and the piano. Kulturhuset (?) in Simrishamn.

November 2017     Taggotagg! 15. Erik Bünger with ‘The Elephant who was a Rhinoceros’, a lecture performance. Galleri 21 in Malmö.

August 2017           Impro music together with Sofia Härdig. Analog synths, cello and also some voice experiments together with Sofia Härdig (vocals and guitar). Impuls contact impro festival. Barnens scen. Malmö.

Aug 2017                 Water is instinct performance together with Felicia Konrad, Johan Haugen, Annou Nilson and Andreas M Larsson. The Ribersborg beach in Malmö.

Aug 2017                Gulängs Strynnd -den starka tutan, an absurdistic theater performance together with Selma Kjesen and others. Toffe’s surrealist garden party in Malmö

July-aug 2017        Water performance workshop with Felicia Konrad and others. Ribersborg in Malmö.

July 2017               Taggotagg! summer workshop and experimental lab. Gallery 21 Malmö.

April 2017              Taggotagg! 14. Globalium -a ceremony. Molekyl gallery in Malmö.

March 2017           The public dream clinic. Participator. Skånes konstförening in Malmö.

Feb 2017              Taggotagg! 13  Oona Libens‘ (Belgium) Nausea theater and a music improvisation group consisting Jonatan Sersam, Josef Söreke and Tiina Markkanen. Galleri 21 in Malmö.

Nov -16             Club Asana -yoga and live music on synths and Rasmus Alkestrand on sitar. Inkonst, M-ö.

Nov -16             Taggotagg! 12.  Stormens öra -a large experimental performance piece built on pictures of information and communication. A multi disciplinary cooperation. 13 participating artists and musicians (see the “Photos and stuff” page here). Galleri 21 in Malmö.

Oct -16              Taggotagg! 11. Syria/Middle east theme. Suellska villan in Malmö. Nasrin Aljanabi made improvisational dance… and Hanna-Maria Strand sang a Wagner love song to …

Oct 2016           Landscape studies (for the Landscape and movements Project) in the region of Reykjavik. Island.

Sept -16             Violin music while Amanda Casanella was reading from her book “Myling”. Mitt Möllan in Malmö.

Sept -16             Gulängs 6,0 -an absurdistic impro-theater performance. Together with Anna Beckman and Åsa Svensson at The boat party in Vinterviken in Stockholm.

April -16            Taggotagg! 10. The artists: Ballet dancers from Split dance studio in Malmö, Mengue flamenco from Lund and The Swedish soundpainting orchestra in Malmö. Friisgatan 16 in Malmö.

April -16            Guest musician in a video performance made by John Mc Kenna. Restaurant Rex in Malmö.

Feb  -16             Taggotagg! 9. The artists:  Josefin Bergman, The Pöntinen & Nästesjö version, Maria Norrman, Imad Al Tamimi.  Smedjegatan 4a in Malmö.

Feb  -16             Écran with guests (Sara Wilén, Imad Al Tamimi, Rasmus Alkestrand, Fredrik Holm and Ida Tholfsson) at the opening of the Exile film festival. The set included a new version of Aniara, the text-sound piece, performed together with Sara Wilén. Panora in Malmö.

Nov -15     Anti himlakroppar -an experimental cabaret/ music theater based on texts by Monika Rinck and Aphra Behn. Created by composition students at the Music Academy in Malmö and others. Inter Arts Center in Malmö (see photos!). With Jonatan Sersam, Sara Wilén, Josef Söreke, Ale H Ottenby and more.

Sept -15    The Gradients by Ignas Krunglevicius (Latvia). Voices by Mattias Nihlén and Erik Högström. Soft city at Inter Arts Center in Malmö.

Sept -15    Sisters academy. Participated as an artist/teacher during three days at the three week artist residency at Inkonst in Malmö.

Aug  -15    Multiart multilingual summercamp in Nerohvirta in Finland (see photos). Arranged by Emma Fält and Anna Fält.

July/aug -15  Two week artist residency in Sokndal/Stavanger in Norway (more about this at Photos and stuff!). Initiated by Maiken Stene.

June -15   Taggotagg! 8. Suellska villan in Malmö. Erik Holmström (Malmö dockteater) and Anders Carlsson (theater Institutet) among others. More about this event at Photos and stuff (see photos!).

June -15   Écran (the synth music project). Guest musicians: Rasmus Alkestrand, Per Lindmark, Elina Nygren, Elin Waileth. Far i hatten. Malmö

June -15   Live music to a yoga class. Violin (EH) and sitar (Rasmus Alkestrand). Club Asana Inkonst. Malmö.

May -15    Root performance at Malmö garden show. Together with Anna Fält. in Slottsparken in Malmö.

May -15    Écran (the synth music project) at Carnevalesque. Guest musicians: Per Lindmark and Anna Paulina Andersson. Restaurant Översten in Kronprinsen. Malmö.

April -15   Actor in “Die unendliche 8” -a video art piece made by Bianca Dugaro (Zürich) to be shown at Taggotagg! 7. Friisgatan 16 i Malmö.

April -15   Taggotagg! 7. A gallery evening with video art and electro acoustic music. Participating artists: Bianca Dugaro from Zürich showed new and older visuelles (video art), Katrine Amsler from Copenhagen (impro electronica) and Halster (electro acoustic, improvisation) Friisgatan 16 i Malmö.

Feb -15     Live music to a yoga class on analog synths and sitar (Rasmus Alkestrand). Club Asana at Inkonst in Malmö.

Dec -14 Taggotagg! 6. A gallery evening with different art expressions. Participating artists: Ida Börjel, Akiko Frid, Herman Müntzing, Nils Markus Karlsson, Danilo Stankovic. Friisgatan 16 in Malmö.

Nov -14 Taggotagg! 5. A gallery evening consisting a concert with Valby vokalgruppe (Cecilie Trier, Anja Jacobsen, Sonja la Bianca, Lil Lacy). Friisgatan 16 in Malmö.

Sept -14 Taggotagg! 4. A gallery evening (during the Malmö gallery night) with a five-hour music jam session. An acrylic triptych made by Nos was showed on one of the walls. Friisgatan 16 in Malmö. Participating musicians: Kennet Andersson, Andreas Stefansson, Unni Zimmerdahl, Dan Johansson, Anna Fält, Martin Holm, Fredrik Holm, Erik Högström.

July -14 Tomas Halling’s dadaistic Plate heat exchanger group appeared and played some numbers close to the art museum near Götaplatsen in Göteborg.

June -14  Taggotagg! 3. A gallery evening with different art expressions at Friisgatan 16 in Malmö. Participating atists: Samuel Lundström, Marcus Strand, Helena Juréen, Nos, Josefine Adde Dahl, Morgan Schagerberg, Anna Fält and EH.

May -14  General B -a text-sound composition based on material by the swedish artist Åke Hodell. with Anna Fält (voice). Ungdomens hus in Simrishamn.

April -14  Taggotagg! 2. A gallery evening with different art expressions at Friisgatan 16 in Malmö. Participating artists: Clara Kugelberg, Elina Nygren, Elin Kattler, Annou Nilson, Sabrinha Lagoun, Tomas Halling, Cathrine Hellberg, Kristina Sigunsdotter, Leif Holmstrand, Ioana Cojocariu, Morgan Schagerberg, Sara Gilliard, Nos, Lea Havelund, Rasmus Alkestrand, EH.

March -14  Aniara  -a text-sound composition based on texts written by the swedish writer Harry Martinsson. EH read the texts, sang and played the violin. Carl D’ailly: Roland SH-2 synthesizer and song. “The Contemporary place” in Malmö

March -14  Two day butoh workshop with Dominique Baron-Bonarjee and Marina Epp at Tatwerk in Berlin.

Feb -14  Land art and experiments with material and topography in the nature on the volcano island La Graciosa in the Canary islands. Spain.

Jan -14  Xgloscho and GuLängs. Dadaistic/absurdistic cabaret with Tomas Halling and Erik Högström at Musik kOM bar in Gothenburg.

Jan -14  Taggotagg! 1. A gallery evening with different art expressions at Friisgatan 16 in Malmö. Participating artists: Helena Juréen, Erik Rask, My Lambertsen, Allmogen (Dan Johansson, Kennet Andersson, Erik Högström), Maiken Stene.

Dec -13  “Aniara”  -a text-sound composition based on texts written by the swedish writer Harry Martinsson. The texts read by Anja Grim. EH sang and played the violin. Suellska villan in Malmö.

Nov -13  Club Carnevalesque (nr 5). The role as “the boss of the thieves” at Slagthuset in Malmö.

Nov -13  “Aniara” -a text-sound composition based on texts written by the swedish writer Harry Martinsson. The texts read by EH. Cello: Lea Havelund. Moderna muséet in Malmö.

Okt -13  “Alibis for interaction” -a conference on human interaction and narrative experiences… arranged by Briza. I joined the the theater- and interaction- workshops. Landskrona.

Sep -13 Drömkabinettet (the dream cabinet) -a part of the larger event “Education reversed” held in the S:t Edmunds church and the nearby located Fotogalleriet, created/curated by Liv Kristin Holmberg. Oslo.

Sep -13  “Gulängs/Barnen i berget” (solo version). An absurdistic poetry/theater-performance at Kulquinox festival in Sandvika, Oslo

May -13  The sound piece ”Krax” in the theater piece ”Prov”,  by Teaterkriget in Stockholm. Directed by Anja Grim. performed on several stages in Stockholm.

April -13  “GuLängs StRynnd 5,0 -fission deconstructivistic mode”. An absurdistic/dadaistic theater performance. Klubb C-Y at Inter arts center. Malmö.

Feb -13   Écran. -an analog synth concert with Erik Rask (drums and santour). The first concert with my own synth project “Écran”. Klubb Kristallen at Moderna museet in Malmö.

The following text in swedish:

Feb -12 Nos, Erikum o Sofia Didrik. Synth-musik med dansnummer. Kafé Montag, Arena 305 i Malmö.

Mars -12 Rokokocellist på Den venetianska rokokofestivalen. Lindängehus förskola i Malmö.

Apr -12 GuLängs StRynnd, kap 4. Medv: Nos, Maja L, Louise Z, EH. Kafé Montag på Kontext i Malmö.

Apr -12 Performance. Objekt-rörelser-cello. Lea Havelund-R o EH. Konsthallen i Kristianstad.

Apr -12 Ljud och musik (live vid filmvisn) till Jan-Gunnar Sjölins film Skådelek. Danscentrum syd i Malmö.

Maj -12 GuLängs StRynnd, kap 4, stor föreställn. 9 aktörer och 2 musiker. Smedjegat, på gården i Malmö.

Sep -12 Filmmusik (”Horn jive”) till Möllanantologin. Avsnittet om gentrifiering. Råfilm. Malmö.

Okt -12 ”Änglar” -performance m M Schagerberg och S Gilliard. Kristallen i Johanneskyrkan i Malmö.

Nov -12 Happening m Danilo Stankovics grupp. Haschtomtar på klubb Kristallen på Moriskan i Malmö.

Nov -12 La Contessa’s lakej. 3:e Carnevalesque-festen på Moriskan i Malmö.

Jan-Mars -11 Inspelning av minimalistisk musik m m. Stråkmusik och klaviatur. Smedjegatan i Malmö.

Mars -11 Musiker, ljud- o ljus-teknik i Dansemiratets dansföreställning Nästan. Johanneskyrkan i Malmö.

Maj -11 “The usher” i Geneviève Belleveau’s performance Gorgeous taps (II). Lilith performancestudio. Malmö.

Maj -11 Sverigebilder, workshop på tema Utanförskap (MAH). Pilotproj på Mediagymnasiet i Lund.

Juni -11 Blomsterarrangemang och sång i Louise Vilstrups spelning i Greenwich i London

Sep -11 Cellist i John McKennas grupp Monoganon. Spelning på Moriskans pubscen i Malmö.

Nov -11 Tyllkvartetten framtr med blommor o dans. 1:a Karnevalesque-festen på Moriskan i Malmö.

Mars -10 “The usher” i Geneviève Belleveau’s performance “Gorgeous taps” (I). Lilith performancestudio. Malmö.

Maj -10 Skriftlig medverkan i performance av Matilda Höög. Trondheim.

Maj -10 Musikframträdande med Adam P och Näcken-aktör på Söderslättsdagen vid Torups slott. Svedala.

Aug -10 Impromusik med Annika Jessen till butohdans koreogr av Katsura Kan m fl. Scaniapl i Malmö.

Sep -10 “Ryska baletten” på klubb Ryska posten. Ameli Hellner, Emeli Nyman mfl. Inkonst i Malmö.

Okt -10 Stenbandet (Mattias Nihlén o EH) spelade på naturföremål på Skogens dagar i Bulltofta. Malmö.

Okt -10 Gästmusiker i Noe Spagato (Fredrik Holm). Cello o Moog till modulsynthar. Babel i Malmö.

Nov -10 Sovjetsoldattruppen dansade till Kalinka på klubb Ryska posten Kiki.. o Tove.. Inkonst. Malmö.

Dec -10 Musiker i Dansemiratets work in progress-föreställning på Plattform. Dansstationen i Malmö.

Dec -10 Analogsynthkonsert med Björn Ganzer (sång o gitarr) på klubb Kristallen. Konsthallen i Lund.

Mars -09 Butoh-workshop med Minako Seki. LaborGras i Berlin.

Mars -09 “Weisse chocoLat“ Nyrokokoförest med L Vilstrup o E Nyman. Klubb C-Y på Tröls i Malmö.

April -09 GuLängs StryNNd, 3:e kapitlet. Kollektivfest på Östergatan i Malmö.

Maj -09 Musik till dokumentärfilmen “Repainting Cuba“ av A-K Åhrén o Anna Weitz. Kuba/Malmö.

Juni -09 Lekplats Malmö. Teaterworkshop o förest. Potato potato/ Riksteat. Folkuniv o Bastionen i Malmö.

Juli -09 Butoh-workshop med den japanske koreografen Katsura Kan. Danscentrum i Malmö.

Juli -09 Impro-musik (improtrion) till dansstycke av Mayte Vaos. (Se ovan). Skånes konstfören i Malmö.

Okt -09 Le parc Louis XIV. Projektredovisn. Text, dans o film på franska på IS-skolan i Aix i Frankrike.

Okt -09 Gästpoet/dansare i Herman Münzings improkonsert. Data i Marseille i Frankrike.

Nov -09 En landsbygdshistoria. Text-handlingsperformance på Rue de la Joliette i Marseille.

Sep -08 Ved-eRikum-Amsler. Impromusik. Klubb C-Y på Tröls i Malmö.

Dec -08 Butoh-workshop med Yumiko Yoshioka. Dock 11 i Berlin.

Dec -08 Butoh-klass med Imre Thormann. Theaterhaus Mitte i Berlin