Erik Högström


12 May 2018           Tefra -installation work together with Lotta Widebeck. Klubb Kristallen at Klaffbron in Malmö.

8 June 2018             Écran, concert together with Ying-Hsueh Chen (percussion). Sound spaces -a contemporary music festival. Gallery 21 in Malmö.

18 July 2018             Écran. A concert together with Jonatan Sersam (synths), Rasmus Alkestrand (sitar) and Peter Tegnér (guitar). Goodnight sun at “Hoppbryggan”, Västra hamnen in Malmö.

11 August 2018        An interpretation of Kurt Schwitter’s Ursonate together with Herman Müntzing. Sjöbo konsthall.

24 August                  I still live in water walk.  By the sea, from Ribersborgs kallbadhus to Marint kunskapscenter in Malmö.

September 2018       Taggotagg! gallery night nr 16. Possibly at Gallery 21 in Malmö.

October 2018            Stormgruppen at PAB Open, Performance art Bergen in Norway.

November 2018        Taggotagg! gallery night nr 17. Molekyl gallery in Malmö.