Water Walk                                                                                                                            Another tribute to water as the driving force of life in the form of a meditative ceremony. As a part of the Local Alien festival a group of people led by Johan Haugen and Felicia Konrad walked, very slowly, by the sea. May 2023.                             Water walk on the Ribersborg beach. May 2023. Photo: Felicia Konrad


Analog synth concert in St Pauli church in Malmö.   New music made by Nos (Fredrik Holm) and me. An example down. February 2023


The Throne – Our desire to own water and nature.                                                   A performance art piece on owning and commercializing water. A co work together with the “Water is instinct”-project, run by Felicia Konrad and Johan Haugen. This is the latest piece in a series made by a group of local artists. It does also have some obvious connections to the work behind the film “Precious Balance Walk” (further down) Participating artists: Annou Nilson, Alicia D’ailly, Lisa Nyberg, Felicia Konrad, Johan Haugen and EH. Ribersborg beach, close to Kallbadhuset in Malmö in august 2021.

         The Throne on The Ribersborg beach in Malmö in August 2021. Photo: Bertil and Alicia D’Ailly.


The film Precious balance walk won awards at ARFF Paris and European Short Film Festival  

for BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM in June-July 2021. The film, made by Felicia Konrad and Johan Haugen is a tribute to water as the driving force of life. Six nordic performance artists participating with personal ceremonial pieces on the Ribersborg beach in Malmö: Meri Nikula (Finland), Elena Lundquist Ortiz (Denmark), Ignacio Péres Péres (Finland/Venezuela), Lisa Nyberg (Malmö), Joakim Stampe (Gothenburg). Erik Högström (Malmö) Filmed by David Gülich, Tangram film. The film was shot at Ribersborg in Malmö in August 2019. See photos from the film shooting (further down).



Écran, Nos and Samuel Lundström live at Slottsträdgårdens kafé. Malmö. July 2020. Nos (Fredrik Holm): Wurlitzer electric piano, Arp Odyssey and Prophet 6 analogue synths. Samuel Lundström: violin. Erik Högström: recitation/singing, violin, MS-1o analogue synth and Philicorda organ.


Écran live at Slottsträdgårdens kafé. Malmö. Filmed by Alicia D’Ailly. July 2020


“Precious Balance Walk” -a short film

Another tribute to water as the driving force of life. Six performance artists were invited by the Malmö based artists Felicia Konrad and Johan Haugen. to participate with personal ceremonial pieces on the Ribersborg beach in Malmö. Meri Nikula (Finland), Elena Lundquist Ortiz (Copenhagen), Ignacio Péres Péres (Finland/Venezuela), Lisa Nyberg (Malmö), Joakim Stampe (Gothenburg). Erik Högström (Malmö) Filmed by David Gülich, Tangram film. August 2019.

           Erik Högström is “the owner of all the oceans” at Ribersborg beach. August 2019 in Malmö. Photo: Johan Haugen.


Taggotagg! 17 / Svedjesång – a music and art performance created by Écran and participating artists
Svedjesång/Ècran was performed in a durational and minimalistic form as a guest performance at Taggotagg! number 17 (the very last one) hosted by Molekyl gallery in Malmö. Participators: Hanna-Maria Strand (mezzo soprano) Alex Berg and Sally O’Neill (dance), Hillevi Hillerud (cello), Fredrik Holm (synths), EH (alto violin, reading text fragments from the main Svedjesång performance). Molekyl gallery in Malmö the 30th march 2019. (More about the Svedjesång project further down).

         Svedjesång at Molekyl gallery in Malmö, March 2019. Photo: EH and Jenny Wetter

Svedjesång – a music and art performance project created by Écran and participating artists
Svedjesång was created through inspiration from human activities and behavior in an unpredictable, revolutionary and remarkable time. Svedjesång looks at what choices people make, and how they reflect in a time when there’s no more any doubt that the conditions for the biosphere and all life on this planet are changing at a rapid pace. I chose some texts from a material consisting contemporary discussions, documentary films and litterature. When having all this material in front of me during a long time I felt so much sorrow and slipped into a low state of mind. I was deeply affected, especially after reading some scientists’ rather depressing and personal texts and felt convinced that all the hope for a change before an immense cathastrophe is now lost. Écran is Erik Högström’s experimental music project. In this special cooperative project the musicians Nos (Fredrik Holm), Baby Sage (Miranda Gjerstad) and the dancer and choreographer Daniel Jeremiah Persson was invited to work as a collective. The music, in which the written material was woven together, had mainly a repetitive or suggestive character and was produced with the use of both older and modern electronic instruments. The dancer and choreographer Daniel Jeremiah Persson embodied the work with site-specific dance pieces.
Other participants: Doris Bengtsson (art installation), Rasmus Alkestrand (sitar), Åsa Gjerstad (cello), Alex Berg and Sally O’Neill (dance), Kristian Nihlén (light projections), Henrik Wallin (synthesizers and gear). Performances in S:t Johannes church and Molekyl gallery (also together with Hanna-Maria Strand and Hillevi Hillerud) in Malmö during january and february 2019.

         Above: Most of the participators after the performance in S:t Johannes church in Malmö and during performance. Down: the studio in Malmö. Photos: Malin Isberg, Daniel Jeremiah Persson and EH.

“Aufwärts” featuring Miranda Gjerstad (vocals) during the Svedjesång performance. St Johannes church in Malmö february 2019. Filmed by Maja Lindqvist.


Taggotagg! 16 / Ancestral Modernism: Liv
Ying-Hsueh Chen and Lê Quan Ninh at Molekyl Gallery in
Malmö. Ying-Hsueh started the concert by conducting a breathing vocal choir put together only for this very occasion. Her newly composed piece “Liv” came to life with its great variety of respiration sounds, creatively interpreted by the “instant” choir. Lê Quan Ninh let us listen to a spellbinding but also energy rich percussion improvisation. Ninh has a very nuanced, expressive way of making certain sounds on his bass drum, cymbals and various objects. Malmö. October 2018

       Ninh’s set. A percussion improvisation.   Ying-Hsueh’s “Liv” performed by the “instant” choir. Photo: EH


Water Walk – a Performance Art Walk.                                                                    Participating in an art project created by I still live in water (Felicia Konrad and Johan Haugen) together with the artists Susanne Ovelius and Monika Gora. A ceremony and a tribute to water as the driving force of life. We walked by the sea from Kallbadhuset in Malmö and about one kilometre southover. August 2018.

foto: Noak  Water walk on The Ribersborg beach in Malmö. Photo: Noak Haugen Konrad, EH


Écran at Goodnight sun.                

The Erik Högström analog synth project involving Jonatan Sersam (synths), Rasmus Alkestrand (sitar) and Peter Tegnér (guitar). The vocal parts extended this time and both Rasmus and Jonatan made great additions. Peter made a nice, but short solo in the last piece. All went well with the extended technical level (double sequencers and drum machines, four synths and two organs). The concert ended in a most dramatical way as the very first rain that day caught us during the very last song! Some twenty spectators helped us with covering the sensitive machines with a tarpaulin during the short rain fall. Västra hamnen in Malmö. July 2018

DSC05221 (1)   Gunilla  Photo: Alicia D’Ailly and Gunilla Eriksson


Tefra – an installation/sculpture built on memories of planet earth.                    Made by Lotta Widebeck and EH at Klubb Kristallen, Klaffbron in Malmö in May 2018.

djupschaktsbuller i kraftfullt fundament
något växer ur underjordens vågor
en kropp, en klump brer ut sej
vid vävs ände nerv i flera lager
en tråd, ett budskap
framtidstrumpet, drömmen åter
i papyruslampans sken

Tefra, Lottabild   Tefra, Lottabild  Lotta Widebeck and EH during the Tefra installation. Klubb Kristallen at Klaffbron in Malmö May 2018.                     Photos: Lotta Widebeck’s camera


Taggotagg! 15 / Erik Bünger                                                                                       The Elephant who was a Rhinoceros is a lecture performance that investigates the foundational role that the animal plays within human language, as a name for that speechlessness from which speech once took off. Erik Bünger is a Swedish artist, writer and composer living in Berlin. Throughout his work he investigates human language by focusing on linguistic concepts, which explicitly point to something beyond the linguistic realm. Taggotagg! 15 was held in november 2017 at Galleri 21 in Malmö.

Erik Bünger  DSC04565


Water is instinct                                                                                                            The water is instinct performance is a durational performance by the intuitive art project I still live in water, run by Felicia Konrad and Johan Haugen. The project is focusing on water as an crucial element for life on earth. The participators: Annou Nilson, Johan Haugen, Felicia Konrad, Andreas M Larsson and EH presented a three hour long cooperative work based on pictures of water and civilisation. Ribersborg in Malmö in august 2017.

20819454_676277739241192_514797941483638376_o   20863374_676278205907812_4882442285897850017_o (1)     The water is instinct performance (2017) at Ribersborg in Malmö.  Photo: Noak Haugen Konrad


Body, sound and material experiments in nature.                                            Visiting nature for experimenting with body, sound and material during 2017-2018. So far visited: Ehrendal near Gnesta, Galterö in Gothenburg, Rosenkällasjön in Linköping, the golf course in Falsterbo, the Tromsdalstind mountain in Tromsö, Agaete valley in Spain and Apelviken in Varberg.

DSC04329   DSC04814        Making music with birds in Galterö/Gothenburg 2017.      Sea side movements in wintertime. Varberg 2018.


Summer activities in Malmö 2017

DSC04459 (1)   Galleri 21-impro juli 2017    Left: The water performance group at the Ribersborg beach in august. Annou Nilson, Johan Haugen, Felicia Konrad, EH, Andreas M Larsson.  Right: The music and movements jam at Galleri 21 in july 2017. Selma Kjesen, Unni Zimmerdahl, Felicia Konrad, Jonatan Sersam, Josef Söreke, EH.


Taggotagg! 14/ Globalium                                                                                                        In april 2017 Taggotagg! and Molekyl gallery created a ceremony in which the audience got in touch with the earth layers, life tissue and the remarkable phenomenon Globalium. Globalium exists in the dream and in the collective memory. Occasionally it takes a physical form. Globalium is the hidden thread which gives us the opportunity to discover what we have forgotten or what we are missing. In this context Ying-Hsueh Chen made remarkable improvised percussive music and ritual actions together with the group. The 14th Taggotagg! salon took place on the same day as the ninth celebration of Mother earth day. Participators: Ying-Hsueh Chen. (Copenhagen) Percussion, ceremony performer. Lotta Widebeck: Live floral arrangement. Nils Bergendal: A film without a title. Peter Tommila (Copenhagen): Ceremonial depth design and assistance. Josefin Hildor: A film without a title. Johan Sandström: Design assistance and support. Erik Högström: Host, performer.

Ying-H  DSC00800

DSC00896  DSC04151          First three photos: Ying-Hsueh Chen. The group photo: from left: Erik Högström, Peter Tommila. Johan Sandström (running Molekyl gallery), Lotta Widebeck, Josefin Hildor


Taggotagg! 13/ Oona Libens                                                                                                  The belgian-swedish artist Oona Libens has created Nausea, a deep sea expedition in which the audience will get to know various marine life forms on the way to the depth. There is a world of phantasmagoria and illusions beneath the surface! The audience is given the opportunity to follow how the analog projections, reflections and shadows are created. The piece is a hybrid of film, shadow play, pseudo science and poetry. A musical impro trio, consisting Josef Söreke, Tiina Markkanen and Jonatan Sersam performed in the large room. Taggotagg! 13 was held in february 2017 at Galleri 21 in Malmö.

Oona Nausea  Nausea, Oona Libens Foto: Jos G Taggotagg! 13 at Galleri 21 in Malmö. Nausea, during performance. Photo: Oona Libens, Josefin Gustafsson.

T! 13. Jonatans trio, Foto: herman M  T! 13. Jonatans trio, Foto: EH     The Trio, with Josef Söreke, Tiina Markkanen and Jonatan Sersam. Taggotagg! 13. Photo: Herman Münzing and EH.


Taggotagg! 12/ Stormens öra                                                                                          Stormens öra is a three hour long collective experimental performance art piece built on images of human fields of communication and cooperation. Thirteen artists and musicians were involved. Stormens öra was made exclusively for the 12th Taggotagg! salon, which was held the 12 November 2016 at Galleri 21 in Malmö. Participators: Julia Rutt, Andreas M Larsson, Ida Mårdhed, Nos, Selma Kjesen, Kristian Nihlén, Morgan Schagerberg, Ingeborg Blom Andersskog, John McKenna, Herman Münzing, Maria Norrman, Tomellen Boije, Erik Högström

Stormens öra/T!12 George. Ida skriver  Stormens öra/T!12. Foto: Ioana. NosStormens öra during performance. Ida Mårdhed in the headquarters. Photo: George.   To the right: Nos, Fredrik Holm, creating signals from the southern part. Photo: Ioana Cojocariu                                                                                                                                           

taggotagg-12-stora-rummet  Stormens öra/T!12 Foto: George. Grp bild   Stormens öra during performance. Galleri 21 in Malmö. Photo: Ioana Cojocariu.   To the right: the whole group      after the performance. Photo: George.

Stormens öra, Youtube:


Taggotagg! 11/ Syria                                                                                                                  This Taggotagg! had a Levantine (Middle east) theme. Yazan Alqaq and Imad Tamimi made improvised music to improvised dance made by Nasreen Aljanabi Larsson from Stockholm. Hanna-Maria Strand sang a Wagner song together with an accordionist. Short films made by Nanda Al Dolani (Lebanon) and Abed Naji (Stockholm) were shown. The event was held in Suelleska villan in october 2016. It was created together with Nael Bitarie as a pilot for a Syrian-Swedish art and music project to be launched later on.

img_8759  img_8778         Yazan Alqaq and Imad Tamimi made improvised music to improvised dance made by Nasreen Aljanabi Larsson from Stockholm. Suellska villan in Malmö. Photo: Julia Rutt.  Right: Some of the visitors. Photo: Julia Rutt.


Taggotagg! 10/ Movements                                                                                         Back on Friisgatan 16. The 10th salon was pretty much about movements. Ballet dancers from Split dance studio in Limhamn, Mengue flamenco from Lund and The Swedish Soundpainting Orchestra appeared and made that night whirling and inspiring. April 2016.

IMG_4579  DSC03528Taggotagg! 10. Mengue flamenco                                   Some of the guests.

IMG_4571  IMG_4600 (1)         The ballet dancers from Split dance studio.                     The swedish soundpainting orchestra.                                     Photo: Karin Winnerholt and EH.


Taggotagg! 9                                                                                                                                    The 9th salon was held at Smedjegatan in Erik’s apartment. Josefin Bergman showed her biomechanical installation “Zooecia, att äta eller ätas” in her own room, the Pöntinen and Nästesjö version made new Music on a violin and a double bass, Imad Al Tamimi played some arabic songs on his oud and Maria Norrman opened up the servant’s room filled with an air of Bacchus, surrounded by lace curtains and fin de siècle. And all of a sudden the pizza makers from downstairs came by with two giant pizzas, as a gift! A very nice evening it was!

Taggo! 9 i lgh, Jos' installat  Taggo! 9 i lgh, ImadTaggotagg! 9 at Erik’s Place in february 2016. Josefin Bergman’s installation “Zooecia, att äta eller ätas”. Right: Imad Al Tamimi with his oud. Photo: EH 


Taggotagg! 8                                                                                                                       The 8th salon was held at Suellska villan in Malmö, both inside on the 2nd floor and in the marvellous garden. Involved people were: Erik Holmström & co (Malmö puppet theater) made a small scale puppet theater experiment. Anders Carlsson (theater Institutet) presented a kind of a love letter. Anna Fält (singer) sang archaic folk songs from Finland. Meramiyyeh, which is Cindy Mizher (singer) and Imad Al Tamimi (oud), played some middle eastern folk music. Nos (analog gear): made a couple of soundscapes. Kristian Nihlén (light projections). Erika Li (DJ).

DSC02414   DSC02518Suellska villan in Malmö, where the 8th salon was held in june 2015. Right: The theater people involved in the Taggotagg! 8: Anders Carlsson, Nils Dernevik, Maja Kall and Erik Holmström. Photo: EH


Other Taggotagg! salons:

c3gss0fidk1j8vqelacxyj_g2ecscv6o5rdggrd96kixh_oyobu381vv6qdvxl2wcmfhaw_cztaasn4jrqncfq   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        Most participators in Taggotagg! 2 outside the gallery room at Friisgatan 16. April 2014.  Right: The left window during Taggotagg! 1 in january 2014.

LH9czo3TYrRxialpexylp9Vr2p3b_O3HHiJ-7ATen94,AdOSKZPt7UiecmaA8HTqZk8rk183rWrfUO9DPCafUMI   2nvCFAzBJ8mHjf0Uj2U6UR0k2ShtMCn2Gj1B9zySNMc,u_NiX830DoPtUhlBonqRMzFZ203I0G-l9r14f_5fal8Taggotagg! 2. April 2014.   Left: Catherine Hellberg.      Right: Lea Havelund Rasmussen.

qtEbeq6ywz6jyz4K6OLIrii9Ca8ObrEjUrS8GObsYgY,sVZeQQ6ZqDoJQUmh0Hr8QhipXwf7GNrWlOANMb4I4VE   OHctRZORruWBPimiMnkF1eWBo5M1G3AwCBz40R8LC8c,XjH50stSdK3LT3GLuhzjELu9tmPmIIBY1nxIJeGLDUITaggotagg! 2. April 2014. Left: Annou Nilson, Elin Kattler & Sabrinha Lagoun.                                                            Right: EH and Tomas Halling in Xgloscho/guLängs StRynnd.

   DSC00582Taggotagg! 3. Left: most participating artists and the staff outside Friisgatan 16 in Malmö. Back row, Samuel Lundström, Morgan Schagerberg, Elin Kattler, Anna Fält, Erik Högström, Samuel Lundström, Martin Lindell. Front row, Dan Johansson, Helena Juréen, Nos/Fredrik Holm.    Right: Elin Kattler, Morgan S and EH in front of the gallery room after a flower picking expedition.

IMG_1249  DSC00701Taggotagg! 3 in june 2014. Left: some vegetables and some plastic grass. Right: Nehrin Ganno reading one of Helena Juréen’s texts. Josefin Adde-Dahl’s picture on the piano.

IMG_0213   10722169_10152298007177301_215992971_oTaggotagg! 4. September 2014 (during the Malmö gallery night). A five-hour jam session with Kennet Andersson, Andreas Stefanssson, Anna Fält, Martin Holm, Unni Zimmerdahl, Dan Johansson, Nos/Fredrik Holm and Erik Högström.   Right: Acrylic triptych made by Nos.

10807325_10152382332842301_1830521531_o   DSC01575Taggotagg! 5. November 2014. Valby vokalgruppe from Copenhagen. Lil Lacy, Cecilie Trier, Anja Jacobsen and Sonja la Bianca.

DSC01692   DSC01664Taggotagg! 6 in December 2014. Left: Ida Börjel reading from “Ma”.   Right: Nils M Karlsson reading from “Resa med batyskaf”.

DSC01717   T! 6, Julia R, dec 2014Taggotagg! 6. Left: Herman Müntzing. Group photo, back row: Erik Högström, Danilo Stankovic, Daniel Nilsson, Herman Müntzing, Andreas Stefansson, Ida Börjel. Front: Nils Markus Karlsson.

DSC00013   lgr2qvnl43hwnqo7bebt        Taggotagg! 7  was held in april 2015. Left: Bianca Dugaro in her studio in Zürich.            Right: Halster live.

Taggotagg!-photos: Laszlo Fodorpataki, Julia Rutt Petersen, Anja Grim, Andreas Stefansson, Halster and Erik Högström.


Écran (The Erik Högström analog synth project). Some more photos.

DSC01786 (1)   DSC02472

IMG_5765 (1)  DSC01950         Top left: together with Rasmus Alkestrand in my studio at home 2016.  Top right: together with Per Lindmark at club Carnevalesque. Översten in Malmö 2015.   Down: Je me nagiers dans les synths! In the studio, Smedjegatan in Malmö 2015.


 General B – a text-sound composition based on Åke Hodell’s texts

DSC02042   DSC00485        Left: The General B performance (with Anna Fält and Erik Högström) at salon Taggotagg! 3 in Malmö 2014. Photo: Julia Rutt-Petersen/ EH.    Right: Anna Fält during work with the piece. Photo: EH

Aniara -a text-sound composition based on Harry Martinsson’s book

GetInline-5   GetInline-3

DSC00271   _DSF0385-Redigera                     “Aniara -a space odyssey. Together with Lea Havelund at the Modern museum in Malmö 2013, in the studio with Carl D’ailly (my brother) 2014 and down right: with Anja Grim at Suellska villan 2013.  Photo: Tommy Lindholm, EH  and Lars Aage Nilsson.


Anti himlakroppar -an experimental cabaret/ music theater                               The project was a collaboration between composers, visual artists, visual and performing artists in Malmö. The cabaret was a part of Connect festival (Malmö academy of music). A number of scenes, primarily based on texts by Jules Forgue and Aphra Behn was created through a joint process and the result was presented in a cabaret form. The red room at IAC in Malmö the 20 November 2015.

   DSC03143        The poster (Lavinia Jannesson).        Right: The “Tsar bomb” unit. Photo: Liv Vesterskov, EH’s camera.

Anti himlakroppar, Tsar bomb, Cecilia Damström 1   12237989_541558452668665_7998595991292392841_o       Left: from the last part of the performance: Josef Söreke, Sara Wilén and EH doing the “Tsar bomb”. Right: some of the actors and technicians.  Photos: Cecilia Damström.

DSC03138   DSC03140  The musicians. Photo: EH.                       During rehearsal.  Photo: EHDSC03140DSC03140DSC03140


The Gradients by Ignas Krunglevicius (Latvia). Voices by Mattias Nihlén and Erik Högström. Soft city, September 2015 at Inter Arts Center in Malmö.

DSC03091    GetInline-1    EH, Mattias Nihlén and Ignas Krunglevicius during rehearsal and during performance at Inter arts center in Malmö, September 2015. Photo: EH/IAC 


Artist residency in Sokndal in Norway in Aug 2015                                                   I was invited by Maiken Stene* to an artist residency  in Sokndal (100 km South of Stavanger) together with nine other artists from Norway and Sweden. The group were gathered in the area of an abandoned mining site where Maiken has her magnificent atelier. I held a workshop based on the Klangrum project (described further down) based on my “inSpira” manifesto about society, responsibility and future. Local people were invited to a five-day cooperation which ended up in a presentation of a work in progress performance during an “open day” at the Velferden atelier.  *Maiken Stene is a norwegian artist living in Sandbekk in Norway and in Malmö.

DSC00762             11248873_10153498935862491_577803945510210185_n                 Outside Velferden atelier. June 2014. Photo:EH                      The “Open day poster” made by Maiken Stene.

DSC02840     DSC02847      The group of artists på tur in Blåfjell Photo: EH.             The participators in the Klangrum workshop. Photo: EH

11887952_10153015952212536_4253796404629876787_n   DSC02975     The Klangrum presentation close to Velferden.  photo: Karl Ingar Röys.    Right: Maiken Stene at Rogalands kunstsenter in Stavanger.  Photo: EH

Multiart multilingual summercamp in Nerohvirta in Finland. August 2015                                          

DSC03013   DSC03029     Ink and movements under the sun.                                   Most of the participators at Kuivurintupa. Photos: EH


Klangrum was performed at Inkonst in Malmö 2008 (Klangrum -de vita fläckarna). This performance was presented in a full scale and involved ten musicians and five dancers. The Klangrum music was played on analog synths together with a rock music section and a string section. The dancers made repetitive walks and minimalistic movements. The project was created through cooperation with and great work done by Adam Persson, Nos (Fredrik Holm) and Clara Kugelberg.

15   Klangrum 10

Klangrum at Inkonst in Malmö 2008.  Left: The stage area just before the concert. Right: The dancers walking in “interference mode”. Photo: Laszlo Fodorpataki.

1931038_39621432781_5756_nKlangrum 041507Klangrum -de vita fläckarna. Performed at Inkonst in Malmö 2008. An analog electronical music and minimalistic dance performance. Photo by Laszlo Fodorpataki.


Other projects and performances:

20130901_190739   FG_Edu_Reversed_LoRes-067

Drömkabinettet (the dream cabinet) -a part of the larger event “Education reversed” held in the S:t Edmunds church and the nearby located Fotogalleriet in Oslo in 2013. The event was created by Liv Kristin Holmberg. Photo: Matilda Höög.

382071_10151194320696446_505976677_n  IMG_0852                              “Angels”. A performance together with Sara Gilliard, Morgan Schagerberg and club Kristallen.  S:t Johannes church in Malmö 2012.

306068_450559204981267_897041914_n   377320_10150370147587111_619317110_8803524_1886074275_n                              La contessa and her lackey’s at the 2nd Carnevalesque. 2nd photo: The flower group at the 1st Carnevalesque club. Malmö 2012.

481057_10150897131451961_330249020_n  DadaErik3                                      Gulängs Strynnd -the absurdistic-dadaistic never ending story in the early days. In the backyard of Smedjegatan 2008 and in Värnamo 2007. Photo: Nils Vaernö and Kurt Ekblom.

  SDC11338                    Weisse chocolat at club C-Y. Together with Emelie Nyman and Louise Vilstrup. Tröls in Malmö 2009. Photo: Romain.


Other photos:

nos1   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DSC02718Noe Spagato, Babel