Erik Högström





“Aniara -a space odyssey. A text-sound composition based on the book written by Harry Martinsson. Together with Lea Havelund at Moderna museet in Malmö 2013 (photo: Tommy Lindholm), in the studio with Carl D’ailly (my brother) in april 2014 and down right: with Anja Grim at Suellska palatset in december 2013.



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Salong Taggotagg! number 1-3 at Friisgatan in Malmö 2014. Photo: Laszlo Fodorpataki, Julia Rutt Petersen Anja Grim and Erik Högström.



Klangrum 10Klangrum 041507

Klangrum. Performed at Inkonst in Malmö 2008. Photo by Laszlo Fodorpataki.



Drömkabinettet (the dream cabinet). S:t Edmunds church in Oslo 2013.


My studio at home in Malmö. 2013. Photo by Sara Gilliard and EH.


Weisse chocolat at club C-Y. Together with Emelie Nyman and Louise Vilstrup. Tröls in Malmö 2009. Photo: Romain.



“Angels”. A performance together with Sara Gilliard, Morgan Schagerberg and club Kristallen.  S:t Johannes church in Malmö 2012.



La contessa and her lackey’s. Club Carnevalesque in Malmö 2012.


Together with Tomas Halling in Stockholm culture festival. Drottninggatan. 2006.


Ved-Klingsor-Högström -the impro music group. In the studio at Nikolaigatan in Malmö. 2007.